Engine's approach to service design

What we do

We’re a specialist group of designers, researchers and strategists. We design services and customer experiences and support their implementation. We work across sectors and around the world to improve and innovate services by:

  • Applying an understanding of what customers and businesses need and what makes services great.
  • Combining creative and analytical methods on collaborative projects.
  • Developing compelling and coherent strategies that make the case for change.
  • Translating big ideas into detailed designs for memorable customer experiences.
  • Developing detailed specifications to bring designs to life across multiple channels.
  • Building the skills and capabilities of the teams we work with.

fig. 01 - Discover, define, develop, deliver

The service

How we do it

We use design practices to innovate and improve business performance. Our Service Design process adapts to meet a variety of business challenges but is always underpinned by the same core values:

  • Highly collaborative
  • Led by exploratory research
  • Detailed and rigorous
  • Strategic in nature
  • Creative
  • Grounded in delivery
  • Visual and tangible
  • Customer-centred
  • Designed for multichannel
  • Aimed at simplifying complexity
  • Focused on finding and creating measureable value.

fig. 02 - Discover, define, develop, deliver

Discover, define, develop, deliver
  1. Discover

    : We research with people and explore the services they use.
  2. Define

    : We translate insights to generate detailed, practical solutions.
  3. Develop

    : We develop concept propositions and experiences that are aligned to operational systems.
  4. Deliver

    : We produce intuitive and actionable outputs for implementation.
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Service Design at Engine

Services can be complex. What customers experience and come to value is the result of many elements working elegantly together.  

To customers, a valuable service is a clear set of benefits, a great experience and a worthwhile relationship. For the business, the service delivers its commercial objectives and packages its business model into a distinct set of offers that helps them stand out against the competition. We design services with this balance in mind, making sure all components of the service work together effectively for the equal benefit of the provider and customer.

The framework below can be used to map out the different components of a service and structure a conversation about how a service could be refined, developed or improved. Download it and give it a go.

  • Service role

    The role and value a service provides in a customer’s life

  • Service principles

    The clear aims that direct design and decision-making across an organisation

  • Value propositions

    The big idea that really makes a difference and compels customers to buy into a service

  • Service model

    How a service operates to fulfil its role in customers lives, creating value as well as profit

  • Platform requirements

    The operational elements needed to deliver the service and the desired customer experiences

  • Processes

    The way a service is enacted to deliver the desired experience in ways that can be managed, improved and maintained

  • People

    The beliefs and behaviour of those delivering and using the service

  • Offers

    The discrete parts of a service that people interact with and buy

  • Journeys and experiences

    How the service comes together to create a desirable set of experiences and interactions to create value for customers and the service provider