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We're always on the look out for people to work with us. We like people who enjoy exploring a challenge, working out solutions, polishing them and packing it all up. You can see from what we do that we're creative, process is important to us and we enjoy understanding what makes people tick. Developing ways of thinking, finding an angle and making things seem as simple as possible, are all skills we value.

We are interested in different levels of experience and expertise, so whatever your specialism, field or experiences, get in touch.

Please email CVs, a covering letter and portfolio to

Current vacancies

  • Service Designer

    You're a post discipline designer responsible for supporting the delivery of multiple aspects of projects.

    The beating heart of the Engine design team and asked to have a spectrum of skills to support a range of contrasting tasks.


    / Attributes:

    - Both a creative and analytical thinker who can use both sides of your brain

    - Proactive and enthusiastic to take on any project task

    - A willing and quick learner and able to throw yourselves into a variety of tasks

    - Quietly confident and able clearly articulate a point-of-view

    - Comfortable with following process but able to deal with ambiguity

    - Interested in a variety of things and the challenges they bring

    - A people person that feels comfortable with collaboration

    - Rigorous with good attention to detail but can deliver on time


     / Competencies: 

    - Be able to juggle projects, priorities and resources to get things delivered to the necessary level.

    - Can run elements of the project delivery autonomously to the required level of quality

    - Shows excellent aptitude for creative contribution and delivery across all project types.

    - Able to produce clear and compelling visual communication with proficiency in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and PowerPoint.

    - Good analysis skills to extract important findings from research

    - Work rigorously with a focus on the detail and able to produce the desired quality

    - Can deliver tasks autonomously to the necessary level expected of the Client Director.

    - Actively contributes to projects in terms of content as well as process and delivery.

    - Able to show good clarity of thought and a structured approach to delivering design projects


    / Key tasks and accountability: 

    - The production of visually rich and clear documents, presentations and workshop materials

    - Supporting senior team members plan and facilitate workshops

    - Strong at concept generation supported by research

    - Strong visualisers and communicators of concepts (sketch, digital visualisation, verbal and written)

    - Confident in supporting the planning and conducting of qualitative and secondary research

    - Development and visualisation of key conceptual frameworks and information graphics


     / What great looks like: 

    - Takes an active interest in Service Design discipline and practice by reading around the subject and writing for the website

    - Supporting the team in preparing and presenting at conferences and similar events

    - Showing initiative in streamlining processes and getting more efficient by sharing best practice and helping others

    - Contributing to the social aspects of Engine including knowledge share events (Lunch & Learns; Friday-Fridays).

    - Supports more junior members of staff in getting the most out of their time at Engine.

    - Supporting the office team in the day-to-day running of the business (timesheets, phones, deliveries, cleanliness etc.)

  • Graphic Designer

    You're an inspiring graphic designer, who shows great initiative, willingness and flair. You are able to create visually compelling documents and communicate concepts in an engaging way.  You possess a strong work ethic and willingness to knuckle down and learn the ropes.


    / Attributes:

    - Smart and creative designer with a good thought process.

    - Proactive and enthusiastic to take on any project task

    - A willing and quick learner and able to throw yourselves into a variety of tasks

    - Quietly confident but not afraid to ask for guidance or support

    - Interested in a variety of things and the challenges they bring

    - Inquisitive and able to ask smart questions.


    / Competencies:

    - A willingness to muck in and conduct a variety of tasks that are given to you to the best of your ability.

    - A strong creative ability.

    - Excellent base-level design skills using InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint and video editing software.

    - An excellent visual communicator and able to layout documents quickly and coherently.

    - Adept at basic research and can deliver on time.

    - Able to juggle a variety of tasks and prioritise work load

    - Able to contribute to creative and planning discussions.

    - Good organisation and time management

    - Positively contributes to the studio culture


    / What good looks like:

    - Shows initiative within the task that is set

    - Ability to take a project from concept through to artwork for print or digital release in an organised fashion.

    - Conducts a variety of tasks without fuss and delivers on time.

    - Can quickly understand what is required of them first time around.

    - Has good attention to detail and positively contributes to project teams

    - Proficiency in Adobe C.Suite (Illustrator / Indesign / Photoshop) – Being able to produce print ready documents (margins, bleeds, type size, crop marks, working at scale)

    - Able to wireframe/mock-up user interfaces 

    - Proficient knowledge of Excel and advanced level of PowerPoint


     / What will make you really stand out……..

    Some knowledge of HTML / CSS & Web platforms (using Content Management Systems etc.) 

    Motion graphics – Adobe After Effects 

    Film / Video – Adobe Premiere Pro + any camera skills

  • Service Design Consultant

    You are the face of Engine for clients and have the experience and autonomy to run projects and deal with client accounts. You're a decision maker, well organised but also able to motivate and direct a project team of 2-5 people.


    / Attributes:

    - You're motivated by problem-solving.

    - You're creative and analytical with an eye for what makes something great.

    - You're as adept at working out a process for doing something as well as contributing to the content delivery.

    - You're effective at managing, coaching and motivating a diverse and opinioned project team.

    - You're an accomplished facilitator able to motivate and inspire client teams and think on your feet.

    - You're able to conduct meetings and engage senior members of the client team.

    - You're seen as a leading voice in the service design practice or in digital design.

    - You're an accomplished Service Designer with a track record of successful project delivery.

    - You can successfully find the sweet spot between creative and management approaches to solve complex design problems.

    - You're reflective on your own practice and the way you and your team's design can improve.


     / Competencies:

    - Leading larger project teams of 2- 5 people.

    - Able to lead a project whilst supporting a second or third smaller project and project team. 

    - Able to lead one or more projects if required with the necessary support.

    - Adept at executing all parts of the Engine methodology and has experience in multiple project types.

    - Adept in engaging with the detail of operational and organisational systems.

    - Adept at developing the necessary outputs throughout the service design process.

    - Comfortable leading research, strategy development, concept generation and final delivery.

    - A strong and adaptable facilitator who is able to engage both junior and senior members of an organisation.

    - A strong and coherent creative who is big on ideas.

    - Able to run projects to time and on budget across a broad range of sectors.

    - Able to plan the work of others, delegate responsibility and ensure the quality of their output.

    - Able to write proposals and respond to RFPs with the support of Directors including accurately costing projects.

    - Can deliver insightful, strategic and compelling presentations to senior audiences.


     / Key tasks and accountability:

    - Leading the delivery of all aspects of the project from research and insight through to implementation plans or prototypes.

    - Delivery of structured and strategically sound deliverables.

    - Producing work that is coherent, creative and rigorous consistent across project types.

    - Excellent design skills in design research, concepting, concept development visual communication, facilitation and process and system design.

    - Proficient in the use of InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and PowerPoint.

    - Managing the resources, budgets and time allocation on budgets and being responsible for a projects commercial success.

    - Ensuring project teams are working efficiently and effectively.

    - Creating and maintaining happy and healthy relationships with clients.

    - Mentoring more junior members of staff.


    / What great looks like:

    -  Develops Engine's processes and offerings beyond the current offers and approaches.

    -  Helps to develop our key accounts by being responsive to client needs, gathering intelligence on their business and being proactive in identifying and converting new opportunities.

    - Writes and speaks on behalf of Engine at various notable conferences and events that support new business and marketing activity.

    - Takes responsibility for internal projects outside of project work to improve the Engine delivery.

    - Coaches all members of more junior staff in the development of their capabilities and project delivery.