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We're always on the look out for people to work with us. We like people who enjoy exploring a challenge, working out solutions, polishing them and packing it all up. You can see from what we do that we're creative, process is important to us and we enjoy understanding what makes people tick. Developing ways of thinking, finding an angle and making things seem as simple as possible, are all skills we value.

We are interested in different levels of experience and expertise, so whatever your specialism, field or experiences, get in touch.

Please email CVs, a covering letter and portfolio to

Current vacancies

  • Service Designer

    You're a post discipline designer responsible for supporting the delivery of multiple aspects of projects.

    The beating heart of the Engine design team and asked to have an spectrum of skills to support a range of contrasting tasks.



    - Both a creative and analytical thinker who can use both sides of your brain

    - Proactive and enthusiastic to take on any project task

    - A willing and quick learner and able to throw yourselves into a variety of tasks

    - Quietly confident and able clearly articulate a point-of-view

    - Comfortable with following process but able to deal with ambiguity

    - Interested in a variety of things and the challenges they bring

    - A people person that feels comfortable with collaboration

    - Rigorous with good attention to detail but can deliver on time



    - Be able to juggle projects, priorities and resources to get things delivered to the necessary level.

    - Can run elements of the project delivery autonomously to the required level of quality

    - Shows excellent aptitude for creative contribution and delivery across all project types.

    - Able to produce clear and compelling visual communication with proficiency in Indesign, illustrator, Photoshop and Powerpoint.

    - Good analysis skills to extract important findings from research

    - Work rigorously with a focus on the detail and able to produce the desired quality

    - Can deliver tasks autonomously to the necessary level expected of the Client Director.

    - Actively contributes to projects in terms of content as well as process and delivery.

    - Able to show good clarity of thought and a structured approach to delivering design projects


    Key tasks and accountability


    - The production of visually rich and clear documents, presentations and workshop materials

    - Supporting senior team members plan and facilitate workshops

    - Strong at concept generation supported by research

    - Strong visualisers and communicators of concepts (sketch, digital visualisation, verbal and written)

    - Confident in supporting the planning and conducting of qualitative and secondary research

    - Development and visualisation of key conceptual frameworks and information graphics

     What great looks like


    - Takes an active interest in Service Design discipline and practice by reading around the subject and writing for the website

    - Supporting the team in preparing and presenting at conferences and similar events

    - Showing initiative in streamlining processes and getting more efficient by sharing best practice and helping others

    - Contributing to the social aspects of Engine including knowledge share events (Fri-Fri).

    - Supports more junior members of staff in getting the most out of their time at Engine.

    - Supporting the office team in the day-to-day running of the business (timesheet, phones, deliveries, cleanliness etc)