About Engine Service Design

Since 2000, Engine has supported organisations in the innovation, design and delivery of better services. We work to enhance customers’ experiences and to improve business performance across a wide range of industries and sectors.

  1. Research for services

    We help you discover insights and opportunities for new and innovative services

    Research for services

    Engine explore the challenges and opportunities for your current or future services. From interpreting existing research, to revealing qualitative customer understanding, our insights are grounded in the market context and are actionable - ready to be directly translated to the improvement and innovation of services.

    We encourage internal teams to join us in key activities, such as:

    • Ethnographic studies and in-home interviews
    • Expert panels and stakeholder interviews 
    • Service audits
    • Service trends forecasting.
  2. Service vision, strategy & planning

    We develop the vision of your service and outline the path to practical delivery

    Service vision, strategy & planning

    Using collaborative tools and techniques, Engine engages people across your organisation to develop a clear and compelling vision of the service. We identify the best strategies to achieve the vision and develop supporting concepts across all components of the service.

    We bring a vision to life through:

    • Concept development with your teams, partners and customers
    • Early stage prototyping
    • Strategic framework development
    • Phased implementation planning.
  3. Service and customer journey design

    We design and prototype every element of your service and the customer experiences that define it

    Service and customer journey design

    Services are experiences that occur over time and across multiple touchpoints. Engine design and detail the different aspects of your service and illustrate how customers experience them as journeys and distinct branded experiences. 

    We refine each aspect by:

    • Designing for multichannel experiences
    • Iterating and testing with customers, staff and management
    • Aligning and defining back-end systems to improve customer experiences.
  4. Specification & implementation support

    We align service experiences to the systems that deliver them and support detailed development and rollout

    Specification & implementation support

    Engine supports the implementation of defined improvements and new services; piloting and iterating designs to prepare for full rollout across channels.

    We do this by producing:

    • Detailed service specifications and blueprints
    • Branded experience design guides for implementation teams
    • Branded behaviour guidelines for frontline staff
    • Service standards for delivery
    • Visualised communications for customers and internal teams.
  5. Training & development

    We support teams to embed approaches for designing, implementing and sustaining great services

    Training & development

    Engine work to build the skills that key teams need for the ongoing improvement and delivery of services by developing internal Service Design capabilities.

    We integrate staff within Service Design projects for hands-on learning, and also provide tailored training programmes to:

    • Train-in repeatable design processes and tools
    • Embed the customer-centred practice of Service Design
    • Re-inspire teams and refresh working practices
    • Inform internal commissioning by senior managers.

    For more information, please get in touch at seminars@enginegroup.co.uk